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High Quality Cafe Barrier Systems

Safety and Security Barrier System Ranges, Queue Systems and Cafe Barriers from Cafe Barriers is a one stop shop for all your cafe barrier requirements.

As the specialists in cafe barriers and accessories, we offer three striking systems to cater for every environment and budget. Each cafe barrier system offers style and sophistication and is a highly effective promotional tool which serves a practical purpose. The Primo cafe barrier system is a high-end product perfect for restaurants, hotels and outdoor areas and its chrome finish and solid bases ensure a long-lasting product. The Medio system is a marvellous offering thanks to its chrome bases and is ideal for both internal and external settings.

Practical and perfect for almost any location, the Espresso cafe barrier system is strong, hard-wearing and great value for money. Every system offers barriers in three sizes; 1.2m, 1.5m and 2.0m. Extend your cafe barriers with a range of three posts and three cross bars, all created to complement the three systems and to ensure strong, stable and secure displays. Select from six barriers in a range of materials including PVC and canvas.

Each one is supplied digitally-printed, or blank if required, ensuring eye-catching, colourful and creative cafe barriers.

Contact us today and discover the promotional potential and the visual impact of Cafe barriers.

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